Operating System


 Overview of Operating System

 Basic concept of operating system

 Classification of Operating system

 Architecture and Design of an Operating System

 Interface Design and Implementation

 Performance measurement and monitoring

 Functions of an operating system


 Handling Netware

 Overview  of Netware

 Installing Netware



 Managing User and Resources

 User Objects : An Overview

 Managing User Objects

 Tools to manage User and Resources

 Managing Group Objects



 Windows NT Server

 Introduction to Windows NT Server

 The Windows NT Server Architecture

 Features of Windows NT Server



 Installation of Windows NT Server

 Prerequisites for installation

 Installing and Configuring Windows NT Server



 Printing in Windows NT Server

 What is a Printer

 Installing a printer

 Working with a printer

 Working with a network printer



 Managing Resources in Windows NT Server

 User Accounts


 User Profiles


 System Policy Editor

 Managing Disk Resources

 Universal Naming Conventions




 Interoperating with NetWare

 Remote Access Service

 Installing and configuring Remote Access Services